Highlight AI Bay Monitoring

What is AI Bay Monitoring?

Tailored to your exact needs, Highlight AI Bay Monitoring can unlock new and exciting opportunities, all aimed at improving the operation and profitability of your car park. AI Bay Monitoring is the very latest in effective parking control and analysis. Using machine and deep learning algorithms, the Highlight AI Bay Monitoring solution has been custom-developed specifically for vehicle detection.

How it works

Artificial Intelligence recognises a vehicle as soon as it parks, marking the space as occupied, as well as operating as an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPG) system. Information is stored in the AI back-office in real time, ensuring a plethora of bay-based information instantly available.

It can identify:

  • vehicle make
  • model
  • colour
  • registration
  • unused zones
  • traffic flow
  • roadway congestion
  • people counts
  • repeat customers

Progressive Learning

AI Bay Monitoring has significant advantages over Ultrasonic and Optical based systems. By design, Highlight AI is continually learning providing two-fold benefit for your system; a reduction in the time to complete tasks and increased detection accuracy. This organic learning means your system improves each and every day, which means the efficiency of your car park operations does too.

It can be trained to learn anything the car park operator requires, from the detection of abandoned cars to customers without children using parent parking, and the presence and of litter, pests or left items, to the time it takes a customer to leave the car park.


Powerful data

Database algorithms allow you to view and analyse key car park information to help improve your operations.

Accurate detection

AI’s progressive learning ability means detection accuracy is increased leading to more efficiency and reduced errors.


AI modes can be adapted for future requirements (i.e. detection of people, pest control) without interrupting existing operations

Totally scalable

Installed using customer’s existing HD cameras or using our bespoke option, on one camera or 1000 cameras to suit your needs

Back Office System

System is linked to the back-office infrastructure which can be local or cloud based with remote monitoring

Highlight support

Remote, telephone or email support from our dedicated team with on-site support if required

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