Baywatch® Car Finder

Where did I park?

Finding their car is a regular source of annoyance to drivers who forget where they parked. They wander the multi-storey car park level-by-level, pressing their key fob in the hope of a response. Often, car park security is called upon wasting valuable time and money.

What is Baywatch?

Baywatch® is a unique system that allows motorists to pinpoint the exact location of their car anywhere in a multi-storey car park (MSCP), saving them time and stress, whilst increasing the overall efficiency of the parking system. Baywatch can be installed independently or combined with Highlight’s A.I. or Optical Bay Monitoring system for a fully integrated car park management solution.

How it works

Baywatch® touchscreen kiosks are placed at strategic locations in your car park. The customer simply enters their registration number (or partial number plate) to display a live picture of their vehicle along with its exact location, including the level and bay number, and the best route to the pinpointed car.  Customers can also download the Baywatch app to provide on-the-go searching, allowing them to locate their vehicle before even returning to the car park.

Features and Extras

The kiosks are designed to look aesthetically pleasing, whilst being able to withstand the rigours of day-to-day use:
• 22” touchscreen as standard, but can be made bigger if required
• Wipe clean screen and graffiti resistant casing.
• Can be bolted to the floor or wall
• Can be illuminated in any colour
• Secure lockable IT access panels

The kiosks can have numerous other features added, which the MSCP operator thinks would be beneficial to their customers. These include, but not limited to:
• Local traffic reports
• Weather
• Flight Information (departures/arrivals)
• Shopping Information
• Advertisements
• News


Problem solved

Puts an end to the ubiquitous car parking questions – “Where did I park?”

Satisfied customers

Makes locating a car effortless, keeping the customer happy and likely to return.

Reduces resource time

Customer-operated kiosks mean no staff are needed to operate the system, and security personnel are no longer called upon to assist drivers in locating their vehicle


Highlight can provide as many Baywatch kiosks as required for your MSCP

Back-office system

Baywatch is linked to your back-office infrastructure and customised to your exact requirements. It can be accessed locally or cloud-based

Highlight support

Remote, telephone or email support from our dedicated team with on-site support if required

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