Baywatch®+ Secure Car Monitoring

What the Baywatch®+ system does


 Helps prevent car theft in Car Parks

 Monitors a car parked in a space

 Uses the Highlight Bay Monitoring system to monitor the vehicle registration number. 

 Alert will be sent to the car park team if the car moves before being ‘released’ by the driver

How a customer uses Baywatch®+


The customer locates and parks in a vacant space in the car park. 

If they wish to have their car ‘monitored’ by the system they will need to access a Car Finder kiosk within 30 minutes of parking. This time frame helps prevent malicious monitoring of other cars

The customer enters their car registration to ensure that Baywatch Car Finder has found their vehicle

Baywatch® will search the car park for the number plate entered, and return a bay number, location map and image of their vehicle.

Once located, the customer taps the ‘Monitor Bay’ button, which will take them through to the Baywatch®+ Screen


How a customer uses Baywatch®

Adding a vehicle monitor

The Customer enters their:

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Keyword/Passphrase of their choosing 
  • Departure Date & Time

Once all details have been entered, tap ‘Submit’

The customer will see a ‘Successful’ screen informing them that their vehicle is now being monitored by the Baywatch®+ system. This monitor will remain in place until the selected departure date and time.


How a customer uses Baywatch®+

Removing a vehicle monitor


  1. Searches for their car number plate on the kiosk.
  2. Taps the ‘Remove Monitor’ button
  3. Fills in the required fields, and taps the ‘Submit’ button
  4. The monitor will be removed and the customer can leave the car park
  5. If any information is incorrect, the system will produce an error message

Baywatch®+ Back Office

Once a vehicle monitoring has been successfully set up, it will appear in the Baywatch+ section of the Highlight Parking Back Office system.

There will also be an option to manually add a car to monitor, at the request of the driver who has contacted car park staff

If a vehicle moves whilst still under monitoring, and before the time expires, a visual alert is sent to the Back Office showing the details of the vehicle in question. In addition, an audible alert can be sounded, if required.

It would then be up to the car park staff to investigate accordingly, and contact the driver using the contact number entered at the time the monitoring was initially set up. 

Installation of dedicated cameras at the exits, could also capture and record security footage once an alert is received


Positive Perception

Offering reassurance to motorists that your MSCP’s is serious and proactive about car thefts

Continued Investment

Demonstrates to motorists the continual approach to their investing and upgrading of the car parks, and their commitment to car park security.

Theft Deterrent

Its installation provides an additional deterrent to thieves who may be operating in and around the MSCP area

'Park Mark' Accreditation

Can uniquely improve the Park Mark safe parking award credentials

Competitive Advantage

Motorists will feel more inclined to frequent the car park, as opposed to other MSCP’s  nearby, therefore increasing revenue turnover

Marketing Opportunity

The wider parking community would most certainly be interested in a Baywatch®+ installation, allowing car park operators to promote their MSCP,

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