Bentall Centre, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey

Location – Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey


The Bentall centre is a busy shopping centre, comprising over 100 stores and boasts the largest single truss escalator in the world. Following a decision to demolish and rebuild one of their two car parks, the management team needed a system to improve the efficiency and car turnover of the remaining car park.

Solution and installation

Highlight installed its Ultrasonic Bay Monitoring solution, equipping the 700+ spaces with sensors over the centre of each bay, and 360-degree LED lights positioned at the edge of every space.

Key VMS signage was put in place on each level giving current and next level capacity updates, with a master sign at the entrance showing a level-by-level space count.

As well as car parking visibility for customers, the Highlight back-office software was installed to give staff a complete overview of space occupancy as well as historical data, allowing them to analyse car turnover.


In the weeks after the installation, the car parks increased their car turnover by 20%. The success of the systems led to a further contract awarded with the Bentall Shopping Centre to fit Bay Monitoring in a second new build car park. This equated to 1900 spaces across the two car parks. We married the two systems to ensure the back-office team had a simultaneous overview of both car parks.

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