Fluor Ltd, Farnborough

Location – Farnborough, Surrey


A Fortune 500 multinational engineering and construction company, Fluor Ltd required a car parking solution for its multi-storey staff car park at its offices in Surrey. Following a reference visit to the Highlight installation at Heathrow Terminal 5, the company opted for a similar system for its 500-space car park.

Solution and installation

A 2-in-1 ultrasonic and light design with sensors was positioned over the centre of each parking bay, as well as a single installation of the Highlight Baywatch car finder kiosk on the ground floor. VMS signage was also installed to give additional information to drivers, whilst the back-office software was customised to give Fluor real-time updates and monitoring.


After eight weeks, the system was up and running, providing staff with instant visibility of available car parking spaces, as well as the ability to locate their vehicles using the Baywatch kiosk.

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