Optical Bay Monitoring

What is Optical Bay Monitoring?

Using video and infrared optics, Highlight Optical Bay Monitoring takes the hassle out of finding a car parking space for customers, while improving the efficiency and profitability for MSCP operators.

How it works

Suited to medium (500+ spaces) to large (2000+) car parks, Optical Bay Monitoring uses super-bright LED clusters with 360-degree visibility to enable clear views of available spaces to car park customers. These can be colour coded for different zones such as disabled parking areas, or parent and toddler spaces. Information collected via Optical Bay Monitoring, including live traffic updates and video, is instantly fed back to your Highlight back-office system.


Customer friendly

Easy to find a space reducing customer stress as well as reducing emissions, thus encouraging repeat visits

Improved image

Increases the prestige of your venue, attracting customers from other car parks

Improved efficiency

Increases bay occupancy, ensuring full space utilisation while monitoring parked vehicles

Live monitoring & reporting

Shows live updates and produces historical data and analysis via your back-office system

Back-office system

System is linked to the back-office infrastructure which can be local or cloud based, with remote monitoring

Increases revenue

Our installations have shown to deliver increases in revenues and profits for car parking operators of more than 6%

Highlight support

Remote, telephone or email support from our dedicated team with on-site support if required

Tailored to you

Totally scalable for your requirements with customised back-office software to suit your needs

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