Making light work of parking

Highlight Parking continually strive to push the boundaries of technology to further the advancements in our automated and integrated parking systems. Our portfolio of products provides world class parking solutions, across all sectors, to a growing network of MSCP operators.


Avoid a car park fire disaster with our AI-powered early warning smoke and fire detection system. Within seconds S.A.F.E will detect smoke or fire sending audio visual alerts automatically to give you vital pre-warning of a potential outbreak.

AI Bay Monitoring

Using artificial intelligence, Highlight AI Bay Monitoring is the very latest in effective parking control and analysis. Using machine and deep learning algorithms, the Highlight AI Bay Monitoring solution has been custom-developed specifically for vehicle detection to help you improve the operation and profitability of your car park.

Optical Bay Monitoring

Using video and infrared optics, Highlight Optical Bay Monitoring takes the hassle out of finding a car parking space for customers, while improving the efficiency and profitability for MSCP operators.

Baywatch® Car Finder

Baywatch® is a unique system that allows motorists to pinpoint the exact location of their car anywhere in a multi-storey car park (MSCP) via touchscreen kiosks. This saves them time and stress, whilst increasing the overall efficiency of your parking system.

VMS Signage

The more information provided to a driver looking for a space the quicker they park, which means greater parking turnover. Highlight’s fully networked LED VMS signage solutions provide this information both within the car park, and externally.

Solar Parking Bays

Our revolutionary outside parking structures not only harness the power of the sun, but they offer the same parking technology, insight and management enjoyed by our multi-storey car park customers. In combination, these installations will overhaul the efficiency and productivity of your parking operations, while promoting your company’s green credentials.

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