A.I. Smoke and Fire Early Warning System – S.A.F.E.

Why you need S.A.F.E.

On New Year’s Eve 2017 the King’s Dock multi-storey car park in Liverpool, UK went up in flames. Subsequent CCTV footage showed it was 13 minutes before a member of public alerted the fire services. This delay contributed to devastating damage – 1,200 vehicles were destroyed, local residents were evacuated, and a £20 million insurance bill was racked up.

S.A.F.E. will automatically monitor an area and alert within seconds of a detection, giving valuable warning to help deal with the situation. If S.A.F.E. was installed at this Liverpool Car Park, it would have detected and alerted within 12 seconds – 1/60th the time.

In a fire event, time is everything. Can you afford to wait?

That’s why you need S.A.F.E.

What is S.A.F.E.?

S.A.F.E. is a camera based Smoke And Fire Early warning system that uses the latest in advanced A.I. Neural Networks and Machine Learning technology to detect smoke or fire in seconds, sending SMS, Email, Audio and Visual alerts automatically to give you vital pre-warning of a potential fire outbreak.

The beauty of S.A.F.E. is that it can be used in conjunction with any existing HD IP camera/CCTV system that is already in place (or alternatively, we can advise where to install new cameras if required). All that then needed is a small hardware installation in a back office or server room, which will make all cameras required, A.I. aware. Our proprietary software then controls the monitoring, detection and alerting, without the need for any operator interaction.


How it works

S.A.F.E. works automatically 24/7, monitoring all areas setup for our A.I..

It can detect smoke within seconds, immediately sending SMS, Email (Smart Phones & Tablets) to a pre-approved user list, and PC Alerts to control room screens. In addition, it can trigger visual and audible sirens in Security Offices etc (if required). These alerts contain a link, enabling a live view of the area in question and sending the location details.

Your personnel can immediately assess the severity of the situation and activate your emergency procedures. This means the emergency services can be contacted more quickly and on the scene in time to prevent the fire spreading out of control.


Integration and Installation

– We will undertake an initial full site survey, and formulate a plan of works that fulfils the customer requirements, as well as recommending optimal A.I. camera placement.

– Installation of our hardware, which makes all required cameras A.I. aware.

– Setting up the approved user list, who will receive and act on any alerts (SMS, Email) generated by S.A.F.E.

– The A.I. has to ‘learn’ it’s environment, so that it can rule out false detections that may result from shadows, wall colours, light conditions etc.

– Once the learning phase has completed, the system goes live and is handed over. Our team will actively monitor for a few weeks to ensure stability and reliability.


Detection and Alerting

– When either Smoke and/or Fire is detected, the A.I. performs 2 more stringent checking processes before activating an alert – all within seconds.

– Emails and SMS messages are sent to the approved user list, which contains a link to view the live event, and the S.A.F.E. back-office PC flashes up an alert. If installed, the LED light and siren box will activate.

– The alert can be seen and then cancelled from either the back-office PC, or any of the e-alerts sent to Smart Phones of Tablets.

– The local corporate fire procedures can be implemented, with the added advantage of additional time to react thanks to S.A.F.E.

Try it out….

Use our cloud based API to upload your smoke and fire pictures, to see our A.I. S.A.F.E. in action.

These images can be from any scenario and setting e.g. Office, Warehouse, Car Park, Transport, Woodland, Historical Building etc

  1. Create a login
  2. Upload any Smoke and/or Fire image
  3. Acknowledge the returned results
  4. Get in touch to see how a S.A.F.E. install could dramatically improve your Fire and Smoke detection and alerting capabilities

A.I. S.A.F.E. API Test


Reduces risk of damage and cost

By detecting smoke as fast as the human eye, it allows emergency measures to be taken quickly, dramatically reducing risk of damage and therefore cost

Accessible from any smart device

All monitoring can be undertaken from any cloud connected device, no matter where you are

Reduces resource time

A.I. monitors continuously, and since it is completely autonomous no intervention is required from onsite personnel.

Easy installation

S.A.F.E. can integrate into any HD, IP camera system

Not just for car parks

The system’s A.I. software can be implemented in any environment where fire is a risk

Highlight support

Remote, telephone or email support from our dedicated team with on-site support if required

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