Solar Parking Bays

About Highlight’s Solar Parking Bays

Our revolutionary outside parking structures not only harness the power of the sun, but they offer the same parking technology, insight and management enjoyed by our multi-storey car park customers. These include the Highlight Optical Bay Monitoring and Baywatch systems, EV car charging points and smart lighting solutions. In combination, these installations will overhaul the efficiency and productivity of your parking operations, while promoting your company’s green credentials.

Optical Bay Monitoring and Baywatch

Our Optical Bay Monitoring and Baywatch systems allow your customers to park with ease as well as find their cars if they’ve forgotten where they parked. This is enhanced by our VMS signage and ultra-bright LED lighting to show occupancy status above each space. These LEDs can also be colour coded to differentiate between zones, such as parent and child parking.


EV Charging & Smart Lighting

With more customers switching to electric cars, EV charging points are paramount. Powered by solar arrays and stored power, these can be installed at any location throughout your car park.

Smart LED lighting can be installed under the parking structures to provide safety and security for your customers. Again, these are powered by the solar and stored power infrastructure, as well as being highly energy-efficient, going into low light level mode to reduce power consumption until movement is detected.


Increased security

Live videos increase security using any bay positioned camera


Fully scalable and customised for your car parking requirements

Customer friendly

Ease of parking enabled by bay monitoring and VMS guidance as well as EV charging facilities to keep customers happy

Promotes your green credentials

Solar powered parking systems, EV charging and energy-efficient lighting contributes to an environmentally friendly parking facility and helps reduce your carbon footprint

Highlight support

Full remote and on-site support from our dedicated team

Back-office data

All systems are linked to the Highlight back-office software, which can be accessed via any browser, locally or in the cloud, to help you gather data for analysis and management information.

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