VMS Signage

Real time parking information

The more information provided to a driver looking for a space the quicker they park, which means greater parking turnover. Highlight’s fully networked LED VMS signage solutions provide this information both within the car park, and externally.

How it works

External signage monoliths provide real-time parking and traffic information, as well as weather updates and advertising, so customers can make decisions before they enter the car park, while internal VMS signage provides live information detailing the current occupancy status of parking spaces, level by level. All the signage we install is fully integrated into your Highlight back office system, allowing instant live space count data to be displayed throughout the MSCP.

Working with you

All signage is fully customisable in terms of size, character height, text colour and wording.
Working closely with you we will recommend the best placement for your VMS signage to maximise the impact and optimise the delivery of information to your customers.


Eases Congestion

Information provided to customers enables faster decision making and therefore improves traffic flow

Message customisation

Through Highlights back-office system you can send custom messages to the VMS signage, such as car park closed, lane closed, queue caution etc

Satisfied customers

Customers can park more easily. This can be further enhanced when teamed with our AI or Optical Bay Monitoring solutions

Back-office system

System is linked to the back-office infrastructure which can be local or cloud based with remote monitoring


There is no limit to the VMS signage that can be installed throughout your car park. We’ll provide the best solutions for your needs

Highlight support

Remote, telephone or email support from our dedicated team with on-site support if required

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